about us.


about us

how our hobby became our passion.


how it all started…

Throughout my time at the University of Virginia, I fell deeply in love with the act of creating. As a student in the School of Architecture, I rejoiced at any opportunity to make physical models or use my creativity to build something new. While I had a blast soldering and casting concrete, my one true passion was working with the laser cutter. I could not get enough! I began using this creativity for handmade creations - and I cannot think of a single gift I gave to a friend or family member that was created without the help of my new obsession! Even after graduating my love grew, and I was spoiled during my first job with new, advanced equipment and few people to share it with!

When my husband and I decided to start our life together in Richmond, VA, I moved to a new firm which, I was sad to find, did not have a wood shop. I then made the decision to purchase my very own laser cutter to continue to feed my creative spirit and keep my hands busy! My passion for crafting and creating quality and personal gifts quickly grew from a hobby to a business in 2017.

We are very grateful for all of our customers and their love for handmade goods. Our priority is to give customers not only a beautiful, custom product that they will cherish forever, but also to give them a wonderful experience working with us to create it.

Whether it be a birthday gift, company merchandise, wedding decor, or simply a new addition to your own home, SimplyYoursByMarcy will work with you to create the perfect design and product. We look forward to working with you!